SORGITS, is a center with spaces to develop creativity, sensitivity and expressiveness. We build, create, project and experience.

The idea of making a center with different disciplines associated with the creativity and innovation as art and technology living together, came from Guillem Massó, he is the person who has shaped this project and has encouraged others to form part of it. He has a degree in Fine Arts, drawing specialization from the University of Barcelona, is ceramist and professor of high school.


Creativity is the ability to create, to produce new and valuable things, it is the brain ability to solve problems to reach new conclusions and be able to solve them in an original way.

Creativity is associated with other words such as ingenuity, inventiveness, original thinking, constructive imagination, capacity or ability to create, divergent thinking or creative thinking.


Who we are?
Who we are?


The space is located in an old textile family factory, where before we made socks now we manufacture ideas.

We have not wanted what was once a family factory and we have let this essence become evident in the center.

Without losing the origins, we move forward with another vision.



Creativity is as important in education as literacy and so we have to treat it with the same importance.

Sir Ken Robinson (Educator and writer)